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How to participate in the tournament?

In order to subscribe to the tournament you will require an username and password from the Open Alkmaars Tournament system.
This request can be send by using the ticketing system and select in the Department: Wedstrijden / Competitions
When you have the login details you can select Login in the menu, there you can enter your credentials as provided.
There is also the option available to reset / request your username or password, the details will be send to the subscription email address.
* We advise you to always check your junk folder in your mailbox if you do not receive the requested option.
Once you have successfully completed the login procedure you will find in the menu the extra option Register, on mouse over you can find the following options:
- Register Candidates, this will give you the option to register your judoka's, single for only 1 or group for 2 until 30 judoka's.
- Registration Management, Here you can change all the details of the judoka's (this option will only be available until 2 weeks before the tournament) or see all the details of your subscribed judoka's (This option will always be available).
Please note that the limit is max. 30 judoka's per club (Please do not exceed this limit). If you are not sure you can always make the reservation and change all the details later (this option will only be available until 2 weeks before the tournament).
The subscribed judoka's can only enter the tournament if the payment has succeeded by using the online payment methods.
Any questions / problems related to payments can be send by using the Ticket / Contact and select in the ticketng system Department: Penningmeester / Treasurer
Stichting Open Alkmaars Judo tournament is not responsible for the incorrect registration of the Judoka, The club or individual is responsible for the registration which can be managed online until the day of the closure !